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Fashionista Plates

Okay, who out there remembers Fashion Plates?  They were the best, right?  Wish they‘d had a few more prints you could work with as I personally, exhausted all the combinations in the first week.  Nonetheless, I felt very Yves Saint Laurent when at my plastic sketch board.

Well good news for you my fellow fashionistas, I have the Fashion Plates of Fashion Plates, the paper dolls of paper dolls to share with you: www.polyvore.com.

Crosby Noricks or www.prcouture.com was kind enough to share this website with me and since that fatal moment I have found myself at the computer until the wee hours of the morning playing and creating ‘sets’ (their word for outfits).

Polyvore is a virtual Fashion Plates of sorts, with oh so much more to play with (100s of dresses, separates, accessories and counting).  And the best part?  Drum roll please.  You can buy anything on the site!  Whether you want the whole look you’ve created or just the neon Ray Bans, each item has a link to INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being Rachel Zoe or Marc Jacobs your moment in the fashion spotlight is here.   And wait, there’s more!  Second drum roll please.  IT’S FREE!  It costs nothing to mix-n-match and design outfits (see my freshman effort below).  Nada penny.

I haven’t purchased anything from Polyvore (yet), but it has helped to breath new life into my old closet.  It’s allowed me to think outside my tiny walk-in box, and style said-self differently and makes the resident duds look pretty snazzy.

So check it out.  Have fun.  Just don’t blame me when you need a third cup of coffee in the morning.

4 Responses to “Fashionista Plates”

  1. Oh we know — we are completely and utterly addicted to Polyvore!


  2. I found Polyvore through another website, but nonetheless I absolutely love it. So much that I blogged about it on my own site not too long ago. Its a great tool that can be used not just for fashion, but several other form of artistic expression.

  3. Those Sonia Rykiel sunglasses are fantastic!

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